8. Kitchen hood + Duct cleaning

Why it is necessary?

Grease duct cleaning is a process of removing grease that accumulates over the time inside the hoods, filters, fans, vents and all associated horizontal and vertical ductwork of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Removing grease from the ducts is laborious process that requires competence of a duct cleaning professional and specific equipment.

Why it is necessary?

Fire Hazard

Kitchen exhaust duct or grease duct systems pose a serious risk of fire that can how a devastating effect on a business. Statistics show that up to 70% of fire break out in a commercial kitchen are result of fat & grease build up that causes faulty ventilation.


The air quality of your restaurant’s kitchen & throughout the  building is affected by the cleaniness of your exhaust system. Once grease filters become clugged & duct is compromised, contaminated particulate is free to circulate in occupied areas within your building where staff & patrons can breathe in.

Contaminated & dirty kitchen hours, filters & duct are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Mold & mildew due to high volumes of moisture, heat & grease.

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