3b. Roof and Wall

Why use Star Cool Shield as Thermal Heat Coating?

Star Cool Shield is designed  to reflects sunlight to a greater  extent and prevents the roofting materials from getting heated  up.

Star Cool Shield  reduces surfaces temp up to 22ºC and as Star Cool Shield reflect up to 97%, thus it reduces the heat penetration from roof, keeping the interior cool & comfortable, which in-turn reduces the load & cost of air-conditioning  as it would require less energy around 20%.

Benefits of Using Star Cool Shield

  • Reduced Air Conditioning Cost by 20%
  • Improved Interior Comfort
  • High Payback
  • Excellent Resistance to Water
  • High on Quality. Low on Cost
  • Enhance the Lifetime of Roof
  • Provides Crack Resistance
  • Long Lasting, flexibility and crack resistance to lengthen the life, it can handle severe weather conditions & does not forms Cracks or Crumble.
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