2. Thermal Glass Coating

Why We Need Coating on Glass?

  • Heat has a tendency to travel from hot atmosphere to cool.
  • Glass has property to trap heat which in turn results in increasing temperature of your room/office which in turn affects the AC usage.
  • Over 20% of air-conditioning cost can be saved by using Star Heat Shield.

9 Magical Benefits of Using Star Heat Shield

  1. Reduces Air Conditioning Cost by 20%
  2. Improved Interior Comfort
  3. High Payback
  4. High On Quality, Low On Cost
  5. Maintenance Free & Highly Durable
  6. Solve Dual Purposes
  7. Reduces UV radiation by 98.00 - 99.90%
  8. Reduces IR radiation by 92.00 – 98.00%
  9. Lower indoor heat gain
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